Salvia divinorum ‘Blosser’ Live Plant




You will receive 1 rooted live guaranteed plant clone.

Salvia divinorum “Blosser” or “Palatable”strain-
A clone which was collected by anthropologist – Bret Blosser in December 1991 and sold by the now defunct …Of the Jungle botanical company.

Salvia divinorum’s native habitat is in cloud forest of Oaxaca, Mexico, where it grows in shady and moist locations. Salvia divinorum rarely produces seed, and when it does they are nearly always sterile. That is why Salvia divinorum is usually propagated by cuttings. Once acclimatized it can live as a normal houseplant, otherwise it needs an humid environment to mimic its natural habitat. The Blosser strain (named for Brett Blosser) is said to be the most palatable of the known strains. It is slightly slower growing than the W&H strain of Salvia Divinorum although its reputed to be more palatable. The cutting you will receive has been cloned from one of our old mother plants and is fully rooted and ready for you to pot. The Blosser strain of Salvia Divinorum is much less common in Europe, however since we introduced it to the UK back in 2001, its popularity has continued to grow. A ‘must have’ plant for any serious botanical collector.