GOOD NEWS!! I have JUST started filling back Orders Again, and I have at least 400 cuttings (ALL Strains) in the rooter RIGHT NOW, so things are now rolling Again!!! My Mother Plants Have Recovered Nicely! I made up some Extra Mothers as well (All Strains), to ENSURE that this shortage will NEVER Happen Again! I want to Thank you ALL for your Patience. I ship all winter (even to Alaska), and have perfected my packaging Totally! I Carry a FULL, 100% GUARANTEE for Live, healthy, well rooted, and actively growing, right to your door. I’m beginning to fill my EXTENSIVE List of Back Orders now. The new Plants are Absolutely Beautiful !! I have, By FAR, the Best Customers in the World!! Thank You All. I always fill orders in the sequence that I receive payment. and I’ll notify you as soon as it arrives. At the time your Shipment goes out, I’ll email your your tracking number, Complete Growing Instructions, AND some Tips I’ve learned over the past 15 years of Selling Salvia d. Plants. Please, feel free to order as usual, but be aware that there will be a shipping delay of 4-5 weeks for New Orders. Initially, they will only be available in limited numbers, so the sooner I receive payment, the sooner your order will on it’s way to you. Thank You Fellow EthnoBotanical Enthusiasts and Friends. Peace…..Farmer Bob

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