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Message From Bob (11-25-2019)

DEAR my VERY Highly Valued Customers and Friends,

I would like to open this email by saying, Thank You for your patience in this, and to remind you that a FULL Refund can be obtained at any time, and has been available to you since the time I received your payment. I will FULLY understand too. If it was me, I would be questioning about what is going on myself. I owe everyone a full explanation about why I haven’t responded to many of your emails, AND where’s the Order? I type with 1 finger, and have fallen WAY behind with my responses, leaving MANY unanswered emails, even with responding to as many as I possibly can. I am overwhelmed with them, and working for over 10 hours a day, everyday, for well over a month or longer now, responding and still have many unanswered. PLEASE do not take this as disregarding them. QUITE the OPPOSITE!

Full refund details are at the end of this explanation, and feel free to skip this text, and go straight to the Refund details. I Truly hope you read it though. It was written from my Heart.

The Emails come in Faster than I can answer them! I haven’t been able to spend nearly as much time working in the greenhouse, and am falling behind on THAT as well. I have a 6000 sq. ft. greenhouse, absolutely FULL of rare, historically significant, medicinal and visionary plants, vines and cactus. A quite large percentage of your purchase money goes back into maintaining the greenhouse, as in the winter, I spend on average, $100 (Propane, Electric Heaters, and a Coal Stove in Extra cold weather) per night, making sure that these Sacred botanicals stay comfortable, warm and happy, and will still remain, long after I’m gone. Your patronage is the only way I could possibly maintain it.

Many of these botanicals are quite endangered, and can only be found in Rare Botanicals collections, because their native habitat has been cut back to VERY isolated locations of the Amazon rain forest, and many other places and it won’t belong before they disappear in the wild altogether. Thank You for doing your part in preserving many of the the species from total extinction. I feel that it’s my calling to do this, but it not possible without your help. Thank You.

These wonders of nature are quickly disappearing, due to pollution, both air and water, and by the encroachment of humans, who are interested in only the almighty dollar, and in the process, they could care less about permanently destroying their habitat. I’m sure that you all are aware of the devastation happening to the Amazon Rain Forest, and it is truly a tragedy of man. With RAPIDLY Disappearing habitat, these miraculous visionary plants are being lost forever. Thank You again for doing your part by your purchase, and propagating them, so they will NEVER go TOTALLY Extinct!!

Every day, there is the loss of some botanical forever. This is one of the main reasons that I started collecting, caring for, and preserving as many of the these plants as I possibly could, and am constantly searching for others that are endangered, to ensure that when the last few thousand acres of the Amazonian Rain Forest are clear cut and burned, these Incredibly Beneficial Botanicals will NEVER disappear completely. I have spread Ayahuasca vines and many admixture plants, all over the world to loving collectors such as yourself. The same is true for Salvia d., It’s native habitat was discovered in the Cloud Forest, in a VERY isolated area of the Sierra Mazateca mountains, located in Oaxaco, Mexico. It is now extinct in it’s natural habitat there Forever.

If it wasn’t for collectors such as yourself, this incredible botanical wound ALREADY be extinct. It’s a sad thought but true. It can only be found there, in small, cultivated patches where it is still utilized by the Mazatec Shamans to facilitate visions during Ceremonial Spiritual Healing vision quests.

In the Amazon basin, less than 10% of the Plants have EVER been analyzed , and there could very well be cures for many physically devastating diseases, such as Cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and many, many more. Help for people with mental malady’s that we already aware of, are native to ONLY there, and no where else on Earth. The possibility of many others, native to only there, just waiting to be discovered is very high. The situation with the Salvia d. has been unbelievable, and something that I was unprepared for, even after MANY years growing and shipping them.

Early in the season, I was ravaged by an overnight caterpillar attack, that put me WAY behind right from the beginning of my high demand season. I lost over 600 seedlings right off the bat. I have been producing and shipping many different Sacred botanicals for over 17 years now, and have NEVER been in a situation like this. A good online reputation means EVERYTHING in this business. Mine has been at the top, especially for Salvia d. for a long, long time, and this is tarnishing it in 1 season.

Anytime that you’re dealing with Mother Nature, NOTHING is for certain, and even being prepared for anything that I feel MIGHT happen to the plants, there inevitably is something that COULD occur that I was unprepared for. I have always grown all of my botanicals completely organically, as there are many people counting on me for their medicinal requirements, as well as for everyone’s benefit, BUT, it makes it much harder to have consistent yields, cosmetically perfect, and pest invasions. I could spray everything with chemical insecticides, fertilizers and precautionary chemicals to ward off anything that MAY invade, but I chose the organic path many years ago.

Much of my business is from repeat customers, and owe everyone an explanation as to why I haven’t been shipping at my normal rate. My customers (as yourself) put their full faith and trust in me to produce and ship their orders in a timely fashion, and with high quality plants, and with all the follow up assistance to help them succeed. I get a great deal of satisfaction from seeing them learn and to be successful at growing their plants. I help as much as possible, everyone getting the hang of it, and are good to go on their own. I get questions from customers that I had sold plants to many years ago, and for a multitude of reasons, are having problems.

Salvia d. is a VERY unique plant, and requires different handling and attention than regular house or garden plants.Things like moving your residence to a different area, and their plants aren’t adapting well, to their new surroundings, to pest infestations, questions about transplanting in to larger containers, and the list is endless. I have ALWAYS had the time to help them to the best of my ability and the knowledge gained through experience, to assist in solving their problem. I truly want ALL of my customers be successful, and get as much peace and satisfaction growing Sacred botanicals as I do.

Salvia d. has many idiosyncrasies, and this season has really put me to the test. Over the years, I have learned that Salvia grows well in the Summer, but ROOTS new cuttings VERY slowly. It has a lot to do with the hot temperatures, and the temperature of the water moving through the rooter. I’ve tried everything, including plumbing my Salvia rooter through a refrigeration unit. PLUS, I believe that they’re genetically programmed for foliage production, not on making new roots during this period. Starting in the Fall, as soon as the temperature starts to cool down, winter, and right through late Spring, they ALWAYS root well.

This summer has thrown me a curve ball, and I think it’s because it has been unprecedentedly hot, and brought rooting new cuttings to a near standstill. Even my Mother bushes grew at a slower rate than any Summer that I can remember since I’ve been cultivating them. That means they aren’t making new cuttings as fast as usual.. I’ve tried everything that I know to rectify the situation, fully expecting them to get going again. I have 25 Mother bushes growing in 100 gallon containers each, with around 20 plants in each one. I have always had many more cuttings available to work with than were required to keep up with demand. I had started 10 new mother bushes early this past spring, so as to be SURE that I had plenty.

Even with such a large loss, I truly felt that I could keep up with the demand, and DID for quite a few months. But, as the demand kept growing, and no large Website competition, the demand for plants became overwhelming, I steadily fell further and further behind. Coupled with the massive increase in the computer work, orders, and people asking about how much longer before their order was going to be shipped. Put it all together with the rapidly expanded time required with cultivation questions I had to keep lengthening the time estimates that I made for wait times.

When dealing with Mother Nature being my business partner, the further off in my waiting estimates I became. Just about then the Summer heat hit, and the rooting process slowed down, which WAS expected, BUT I NEVER could have predicted that it was going to come to a near standstill in PEAK Season and I was the ONLY supplier left ANYWHERE on the Internet actually selling them, the demand steadily increased. With the totally unusually long rooting time, created a longer backlog, so I started informing my customers of it on my websites Home Page. I ALWAYS have a small waiting list, but THIS year, it became UNBELIEVABLY LONG!! I always have filled orders in the same sequence that I had received payment, as it’s the only fair way to do it. I KNEW that the rooting time was going to get shorter and shorter as Summer HEAT progressed into fall and cooler temperatures, and they currently ARE. The cuttings in the rooter, which roots 500 cutting at a time, is getting shorter and shorter, and the Mother Bushes have started giving me more and more cuttings too., I know that won’t be much longer before I will be back in FULL production. Everything is steadily looking Better and Better, and I’ll be catching up on Back orders fast, shipping 500 plants in each cycle, until the operation is back to normal. I am seeing “The Light at the end of the tunnel!”

If you wish, I’ll refund you your payment in Full immediately, and remove you from the shipping sequence list, or you can decide to hang in there and have your order filled as soon as possible. You’ve already waited a long time, and I Thank You Very Much for your Patience.

I give you my Solemn Word that you WILL receive the Best Plant available anywhere, and meet the Highest of Standards that I put on EVERY single Botanical that leaves the Homestead!! As I stated previously, reputation is EVERYTHING, and I have had an extremely Good one for the past 17 years, and you have my Solemn Promise that you
WILL receive plants of the same highest quality Botanicals as my reputation Demands of me (TOP Quality) Thank You VERY MUCH for your faith and Trust in me, and I WILL NOT let you Down.

For a Refund in Full, please Email me back at EnchantedExotics @ or from the website “contact me”. Please put in the “Subject Line in Capial Letters: * FULL ORDER REFUND* This will catch my attention, and Please include in the body of the Email, your order #, and your FULL Name, and I’ll get your Refund right out to you. I TRULY hope you stay with me, but I will understand. Thank You.

Thank You Very Much for your Continuing Support, and TRULY Hope you stay with me. You are going to be VERY Pleased!!

Thanks Again….. Farmer Bob

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