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I would like to start by Thanking Everyone for the unprecedented response that I have received, from the Most Ecologically conscious people in the World! Our Mother Earth is changing at an ever accelerating pace, and because of air, water quality, and loss of habitat by a mostly uncaring population, Our Most Sacred Plants are disappearing FAST!!

You Folks are the exceptions! I have the Most environmentally conscious customers that Anyone could Ever Hope for!! Thank You All from the Bottom of my Heart for making this endeavor EXTREMELY Successful!!

I try to give Everyone the time and attention to your questions as I Possibly can. The Response has been OVERWHELMING!! I type VERY slowly, with 1 finger, and at times (like now) I fall behind on answering your questions, but do my Very Best to answer each and everyone of you personally. I don’t want Anyone to feel that they have been intentionally overlooked or ignored.

As many of you already know, I have had some setbacks this summer, as Mother Nature can be Cruel at times, and she doesn’t play favorites. I operate a 6000 sq. ft. greenhouse, and have dedicated a large portion of it to Salvia divinorum. This Sacred plant, which is quite sensitive to pollution and human encroachment, is disappearing in the wild, FAST! I grow ALL of my Botanical’s TOTALLY Organically for Everyone’s benefit, and will never do it any other way! BUT, there are drawbacks to farming this way, that just have to be expected, and are nearly Always unanticipated.

The demand for Salvia d. Plants this year has been absolutely HUGE, and it makes me feel Good to know that this incredible plant will still be here long after I’m gone. I’m 68 years Old, and I operate a non-assembly line, personal farm, with a couple helpers that are as dedicated to its’ preservation as I am, and have been for the past 16 years in business.

I always fill orders in the same sequence that I receive payment, and nearly Always have a waiting list, but this year it is MUCH longer than usual. Please expect a delay of approximately 6-8 weeks for new orders, and 3-6 weeks for my existing, paid for orders, depending on your payment placement.

I FULLY apologize for the delay, and I want Everyone to know that a FULL REFUND can be obtained at any time prior to shipping and for any reason. I try to keep this Home Page Updated as to the current situation here on the Homestead, and I’ll be more conscientious about it from now on. I won’t ship any plants unless I KNOW that they’ll Easily survive the rigors of shipping, and will be a healthy, Happy addition to your collection, with very little Special attention.

I always carry a 100% GUARANTEE for a live, healthy and actively growing specimen, right to your door!! They are all very well rooted in soil in Hard Plastic shipping pots to ensure that you’ll have minimal to no problems transplanting and watching them flourish.

I truly want ALL of my customers to get the same satisfaction and enjoyment tending and caring for them them as I do! That, along with their preservation are my Most Important Goals!!! Thank You All Again.

Peace my Friends…..Farmer Bob

Which is the best strain to buy?

Each of the three Salvia divinorum varieties that we carry can grow optimally under different conditions. The quickest way to find out without fail is to try them all 3 with are one-of-each variety package for 75$ plus shipping. Click here to learn more.

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The folks at have been growing Salvia Divinorum for over 15 years. We are dedicated to the preservation of this unique and rapidly disappearing botanical. All our plants are organically grown for landscaping, decorative houseplant and identification purposes only.

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